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7 Tools to Reinvent Your Paraphrasing

Do you want to learn how to do proper rewording? This post is for you! Learn the basics of this task as well as a few important facts about it that will guide you in completing it. Here are some facts about it. Click here to observe the list of top paraphrasing software academic writing.
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  • Paraphrasing is a free rewording expression of any text as a clarification or translation.
  • A simplified version of a sentence structure is what happens when you paraphrase.
  • Rewriting compound words are usually done when paraphrasing.

Have you ever wondered how you can avoid plagiarism on a school or work paper, where you can rewrite and still have that good paragraph flow? Well, here are some paraphrasing tools just for you.

  • This website offers free services where you can use it anytime. You can easily finish your task with this rewriting tool and will provide you great results.
  • This is an efficient site for you if you want to convert a sentence structure to a new version with a plagiarism check.
  • Free Article Spinner: This tool can help you if you want to market content on another website especially if it’s a blog, articles, and newsletter.
  • Plagiarisma: This site is known to have a plagiarism check, which writers and professionals use.

Dos and Don’ts in Paraphrasing


  • Do use synonyms
  • Use compensatory strategies
  • Change the structure of a sentence
  • Remember to always cite the source if you can’t paraphrase
  • Make use of paraphrasing tools for checking
  • Always monitor the paragraph flow


  • Never ever plagiarize
  • Ever change the meaning of a sentence
  • Don’t put any opinions from you

Tips on How to Paraphrase from Experts

  1. Read the original content and do understand it
  2. Write down the keys and important topics.
  3. Disregard ideas that don’t have any significance.
  4. Rewrite the article on a piece of paper.
  5. Make sure that you would not miss the important details
  6. Make us of citations if there would be sentences that are hard to paraphrase
  7. Ask a professional for a feedback
  8. Proofread the paper

If you do not have the experience or if you find paraphrasing as a hard task, you can always seek help from professionals or any paraphrasing tool.

Are you looking for better rewording opportunities? Use our help by visiting to learn how to paraphrase like a pro today!

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